「色彩がとても豊かな日本の心。繊細な色の表現。この日本が持つ色の美意識は世界でも特有だろう。」 "I am taking a photograph by traveling around the world.
I keep taking in my photograph from the beautiful moment which flows in the world.
I want you to take something in through my photographs."

- Island of Japan

Relax you...oh, Many wonderful island are located in Japan.
Beautiful scene remains in island such a warm people, blue ocean, deep forest.

- flowers

「日本が世界に誇るものの1つに四季がある。多彩な顔を見せる季節の色に心を奪われる。」 Japan has four season. Definitely Your eyes are taken by these.
Japanese nature shows a variegated face in each seasons.